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Sir David Tang's Bejing Penthouse Suites

Dominic Crinson was recently commissioned by Sir David Tang to give Beijing his “cityscape” treatment for a series of Penthouse Suites overlooking the iconic Olympic “Bird’s Nest”.

Sir David also selected the Londonscape and the Newyorkscape for the suites. The designs were then transformed into a large tile murals which were installed in the luxurious penthouse ensuite bathrooms.

Wallpaper from the cityscapes collection

The Beijingscape design features a montage of some of Beijing’s most glorious landmarks including the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, hutongs and more modern features including the Olympic stadium and skyscrapers.

Project Beijing Penthouse Suites Beijingscape tiles


The Beijingscape in situ, the mural wraps itself around the back wall of the ensuite with mirrors filling the rest of the space.



Project Beijing Penthouse Suites Londonscape tilesDominic’s Londonscape design was used to great effect across the wall of this large ensuite that resembles a window overlooking a fantasy London.

Project Beijing Penthouse Suites newyorkscape tiles

The Newyorkscape design is seen here behind this beautiful bath tub which gives scale to this huge tile mural.

Sir David Tang was impressed by Dominic’s Londonscape mural seen on a tour of the Boundary Hotel by Sir Terence Conran and subsequently got in touch to work with Dominic on a series of Penthouse suites. Sir David being an avid collecter and designer himself had outfit an entire suite in the Boundary in his luxurious modern Chinoiserie style (view images).

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100% Design 2010

Find us this year at 100% Design 2010. Stop by to feel our tiles and caress our wallpapers but watch out, they may bite!

This year’s new collection features creepy crawlies hidden within intricate patterns and swirling lines.

After a five year absence from 100% Design, Dominic Crinson exhibits his new collection, “Original Species”. A series of designs fused together to create an explosion of pattern, colour and miniature entities. A truly primordial experience!

The Collection title “Original Species” is a play on Darwin’s epochal text  The Origin of the Species and features prey and predator poised and entangled in a web of pattern.

Check out the Original Species Collection in Tiles, Floor Tiles and Wallpaper

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POSTED BY:ON:Sunday January 17 2010
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