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New Wallpapers

Dominic Crinson launches new wallpaper collection: Alchemy

A collection of nine designs; Allure, Sandal, Trebuchet, Murage, Knosp, Luce, Flockard, Onde and Pontage.

With their bold patterns hidden beneath a timeworn surface, the collection tells the story of an age of opulence belonging to the past and references a modern appreciation for history and culture inherent in the spaces we inhabit.

Dominic has reworked medieval patterns and 14-15th centure Damasks in paint and ink and transformed these motifs by digitising and overworking these patterns with a burnished texture. In a pleasing palette of blue, green, aubergine and gold this collection is easy to specify in both residential and commercial settings and will lend the space a sense of authenticity.

Sculptures by Shon Diamond – SD Kinetics



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POSTED BY:ON:Wednesday January 23 2013

Bespoke Tiles and Wallpaper

Did you know that we can produce tiles and wallpapers to your own specs or design something just for you?

Recently we created these stunning tile portraits for the Macchiavelli restaurant in Covent Garden.

We painted three completely original portraits plus we digitally recreated six others from Renaissance originals. The paintings were then produced onto high fired ceramics and installed as table tops and wall coverings throughout the restaurant.

All Dominic Crinson designs are produced under our manufacturing arm Digitile and we can produce any image to any scale over quality tiles and wallpapers.

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POSTED BY:ON:Wednesday January 16 2013

New Tile Book

You rarely see a good tile book and this will be something special and a feast for the eyes with over 1000 tile images from my archive spanning 20 years.  We will also be photographing our most awesome projects with this book in mind. Approximate launch April 2015

Picturetile pattern colour design booktiletiles  pattern colour design book




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POSTED BY:ON:Tuesday January 15 2013

Murage at home

This photo shoot for Heathfield Lighting featured the new Murage wallpaper.



Thanks to The White Room for the photograph.

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POSTED BY:ON:Saturday January 5 2013
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