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Murage Wallpaper

This is the Murage wallpaper at our client’s home in Melbourne.

We hadn’t seen the Murage design blown up on wallpaper before and the effect was stunning.

For further details or to order the wallpaper please go here:


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POSTED BY:ON:Tuesday January 21 2014
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New Tile Collection – Alchemy

Exciting times – today we are launching our first tile collection in three years.

Alchemy consists of a collection of five tile designs, Luce, Murage, Sandal, Allure and Knosp.

The collection tells the story of an age of opulence belonging to the past and references a modern appreciation for history and culture inherent in the spaces we inhabit.

Dominic Crinson has reworked medieval patterns and 14-15th century Damasks in paint and ink and transformed these motifs by digitising and overworking these patterns with a burnished texture. This collection will lend any space a sense of authenticity.

Is this Crinson’s finest collection to date? We’d love to hear from you.






Please go to

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POSTED BY:ON:Sunday January 19 2014
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