New Work in Progress

I’m now working on some ideas that connect my design and artistic practices.

In my Melbourne studio I split the day creating art in the form of painting and designing in the form of the tile and wallpaper work. In previous collections I would at times use a painted image to form the basis of a tile or wallpaper design but apart from that there has been little connection between the two. Now however these two practices have crossed paths and I find myself painting on the surface of my wallpaper, using it like I would a canvas and intervening in the pattern.

Painting on the surface of the Gato1 wallpaper design from the Faux Rococo Collection


I intend to develop these into individual artworks so that they can be pasted on to a wall as they are or framed. Alternatively they could be installed as unique drops within the pattern repeat, as if the painting has been done directly on your walls. Ideally customers would be able to choose from a limited edition of painted wallpaper drops to add to their order of the standard pattern. Interior Designers/Architects would then have the creative freedom to place the artwork in the space.

Taking the painted surface back to the digital from where it originated, I have edited some close-up images of the Gato1 intervention in Photoshop to create new patterns. These can now be used as floor tiles, wall tiles or wallpaper patterns in their own right. Below shows an image combining all these Gato painted patterns.

Painting with Succo4 from the Faux Rococo Collection


I’ll be posting more in the next couple of weeks meanwhile I would love to hear from you!


Here they are



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POSTED BY:ON:Friday December 20 2013

3 Responses to New Work in Progress

  1. great idea, I especially like the Succo 4 pattern and painting. Look forward to seeing more

  2. I agree, the randomness of blue and yellow against the black has a nice feeling in Succo 4.

  3. Gato painted patterns I ment, Succo 4 are nice also.