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Restroom Paradise in Stockholm

We have just visited Stockholm to see one of our most exciting projects yet. Our tiles and wallpapers were installed in the grandest restrooms imaginable.

Located within Mood Stockholm a boutique like shopping mall in central Stockholm, the work was installed in three themed restrooms using a mix of the latest work plus older editions.

The aim was to create a place that was unlike any other in Stockholm and surely much of the world.

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POSTED BY:ON:Saturday January 28 2012
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100% Design 2010

Find us this year at 100% Design 2010. Stop by to feel our tiles and caress our wallpapers but watch out, they may bite!

This year’s new collection features creepy crawlies hidden within intricate patterns and swirling lines.

After a five year absence from 100% Design, Dominic Crinson exhibits his new collection, “Original Species”. A series of designs fused together to create an explosion of pattern, colour and miniature entities. A truly primordial experience!

The Collection title “Original Species” is a play on Darwin’s epochal text  The Origin of the Species and features prey and predator poised and entangled in a web of pattern.

Check out the Original Species Collection in Tiles, Floor Tiles and Wallpaper

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POSTED BY:ON:Sunday January 17 2010
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